Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolutions 2011

I’m not a big resolution maker, as what is the point of establishing a goal that you will most likely fail at, therefore making you feel bad. But this year is different; I am setting attainable goals so that I can feel accomplished and answer “HELL YES!” when someone asks if I kept my resolutions (note to self: do not tell said person what the resolutions actually were).

1. Watch every episode of Jersey Shore, no matter how ugly it gets. I will steel myself and deal with having to look at the Situation's abs, Pauly D’s poof, and Snooki’s chocha. I am that committed.

2. Leaf through all 12 issues of InStyle. Maybe even read the articles about the cover celebrities that I like (I am NOT talking to you, Gwyneth Paltrow, January’s cover girl). I will go so far as to turn down pages of things that I like, with the intention of looking for something similar to buy, but really just throwing away the magazine when the new one comes.

3. Be more outdoorsy. And by that, I of course mean dining/drinking on patios.

4. Maintain my ignorance about the rules of cricket. This may be the hardest resolution to keep. Why do the matches go on for three days? What’s with the weird paddle? These are questions I intend to remain unanswered.

5. Continue to believe that if I buy books/posters/calendars about Audrey Hepburn that makes me stylish like her. “Well, I don’t wear pearls or little black dresses, but I have this Audrey Hepburn canvas from IKEA and a book about her on my coffee table. You may now adopt me as your style icon.”

6. Try that coffee shop down the street. I keep meaning to.

7. Make croissants from scratch. I have always wanted to do that, I and see this as a win-win. Resolution met, and buttery deliciousness in my belly. I’ll pretty much be Julia Child by the end of the year. I’ll show her the art of French cooking.

I’ll stop at lucky number 7. I don’t want to make too many resolutions and stretch myself beyond my capabilities. I have already committed a solid half hour a week to meeting the resolutions listed. Here’s to a successful year, and many happy returns! Clink!

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